Green Clean Office

6 Easy Ways to Green Clean Your Office

Green cleaning is trending everywhere including offices, institutions, and common buildings. Why is it getting so popular? A green cleaning method involves environment-friendly products and equipment to ensure the good health and well-being of your employees and the overall surroundings. You should also consider taking the green way to a clean workplace because cleaning should not be at the cost of your environment.

Here are 6 simple tips to help you attain a clean and green office:

  1. Avert Using Air Fresheners
  2. Air freshener disburses chemicals into the environment and is also considered to be related to reproductive problems. Therefore, you should switch over to an environment-friendly alternative like natural oils and herbs.

  3. Dispose of Old Furniture with PBDE
  4. PBDEs or Polybrominated diphenyl ethers are used on old furniture items as flame inhibitors. Over time, they break down into hazardous substances that are supposed to cause cancer. It’s better to do away with such furniture rather than taking chances with your employees’ health.

  5. Spend on Healthy Cleaning Technology
  6. Be wise in choosing healthy cleaning items for your workplace. These non-toxic cleaners are actually found to be quite economical as well. The office will have an amazing aroma while remaining glistening clean. Use cooling systems and vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters.

  7. Establish a Green Cleaning Policy
  8. Create a proper green cleaning policy and educate your employees about the hazards of toxic cleaning products so that everyone cooperates in making the workplace safer and cleaner. Also, ensure that the sustainable practice of the 4Rs – Reduce, Refill, Reuse and Recycle is followed in your office.

  9. Make Wise Use of Electricity
  10. Ensure that all the electrical appliances like computers, printers, photocopiers etc. are being turned off regularly in your office until it is required to be used again. Also, make sure that the computers/systems are set to the best energy saving mode, lights are switched off in an empty room or compact fluorescent lights are used as an alternative. Utilize natural sunlight as much as possible.

  11. Hire a Professional Cleaning Company
  12. A commercial cleaning company that has expertise in green cleaning helps you attain healthy workplace while also contributing to your staff’s productivity by minimizing their risk of getting ill. Thus by hiring a green cleaning service provider, you can guarantee a healthy and eco-friendly office cleaning services.

You should begin your crusade for a green and clean workplace environment by adopting the tips mentioned above and thereby, ensuring better productivity level for your employees.

Focused Office Cleaning and Janitorial offers comprehensive cleaning services in the Greater Anaheim area. We serve to almost all kinds of business facilities such as office buildings, multiplex building, hospitals, schools, churches, and provide flexible cleaning schedules with reasonable rates.

Important Aspects of Office Cleaning You Should Know

Office cleaning is all about cleaning the office to make it look organized and elegant. It is a crucial element for office management as it offers various benefits such as first good impression, neat and clean work environment, increase in productiveness of employees and landing a good business opportunity.

Office Cleaning Checklist

The following are some of the important tasks which must be performed daily

  • Mopping the hard floors using disinfectants
  • Vacuuming entire hard floors
  • Vacuuming maps and carpets
  • Replacing liners and emptying waste receptacles
  • Dusting entire horizontal surfaces of tables, chairs, desks and other furniture
  • Removal of cobwebs from the entry and nearby areas.
  • Removal of marks and finger-prints from around door frames and light switches
  • Wiping of entire internal glass
  • Spot cleaning of walls and painted surfaces
  • Polishing and cleaning of mirrors
  • Polishing of all brass and bright goods

Benefits of Office Cleaning

Once cleaning is done, you will be able to see the changes and benefits of office cleaning services. Some of the benefits are:

  • Calmness of Mind
  • You feel irritated when you have to organize a cleaning task for your office. But when your office is cleaned by professional janitors, you are relaxed and happy. You will experience a soothing and calm effect on your mind.

  • More Productivity
  • A well-maintained and hygienic office emits more energy. It makes employees feel energetic and vibrant which ultimately shows in their work. Employees in healthier environment perform much better than a messy one.

  • Saves Money and Time
  • A commercial cleaning service rendered by a reputed commercial cleaning service provider saves time and money of your company. Office cleaning providers are adept at managing the cleaning task well enough to provide a satisfactory service.

  • Impressed Visitors
  • Most of the time an office is visited by those who are some way or the other associated by the company or those who want to do business with you. If the office is cleaned and well-maintained, it will definitely impress the visitors which can result in getting an exciting and interesting business deal.

Why Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

Almost all offices rely on commercial cleaning services to achieve the desired results. These commercial cleaners offer modern, innovative and versatile approach to office cleaning. They first ask the company to show them the area to be cleaned. The first step towards planning an effective cleaning is the assessment of the area. After assessing the area, other things such as number of people required doing the work, tools, and equipment required, quantity of detergent and chemicals are taken into consideration.

Clean your office to create a healthy and productive environment for your employees and a great impression on your visitors!

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Focused Office Cleaning and Janitorial offers comprehensive cleaning services in the Greater Anaheim area. We serve to almost all kinds of business facilities such as office buildings, multiplex building, hospitals, schools, churches, and provide flexible cleaning schedules with reasonable rates.