School Cleaning

School Cleaning – A Necessity for a Healthy Learning Environment

A clean educational establishment or school facilitates a healthy learning environment for children. School premises are a breeding ground for infectious diseases that can spread rapidly. Dirty floors, stinking restrooms, germ-infested desks, chairs and doorknobs may greatly enhance that spread. Parents promptly assess educational facilities based on their cleanliness, and it’s one of the foremost things they reckon when selecting a school for their child.

Professional school cleaning services are fit to guarantee you a superior cleanliness and reduce the impact of harmful bacteria and viruses present in your school premises. This can help you create a positive impression about your facility and boost your revenue. Thus, school cleaning should be an integral part of running your educational establishment for not only enhancing the health of your students and staff but also your overall business.

Green School Cleaning Programs

According to a study, approximately 20 percent of the American population is comprised of students and staff who attend schools each day. Almost half of them are unfortunately getting exposed to contaminated indoor air, including a lot of toxic substances found in schools. A green cleaning program can aid in reducing these dangerous exposures.

The Green Clean Schools program, run by the Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) web portal, is based on the general notion that every child deserves a healthy school. You can also find practical information and useful resources for supporting nation wide, green, sustainable school cleaning strategies.

The following are some major benefits of the green school cleaning program:

  • Promotes students’ health and learning environment
  • Secures proper health of custodial staff
  • Enhances the lifespan of institutions
  • Conserves the environment
  • Saves money

5 Steps to Green Cleaning in Schools

Green school cleaning programs includes 5 Steps to Green Cleaning in Schools, which is currently a very popular resource for schools. The following 5 steps are supposed to simplify the process of green school cleaning programs:

Step 1: Prepare Your School
Step 2: Identify Green Cleaning Products
Step 3: Introduce Green Equipment & Supplies
Step 4: Adopt Green Cleaning Training & Procedures
Step 5: Share the Responsibility

You can utilize the five simple steps mentioned above in collaboration with your cleaning service provider to initiate or improve a green cleaning program at your school.

Key Elements of School Cleaning

A clean and well-maintained school environment requires diligent cleaning processes on a regular basis. The key components of effective school cleaning are as follows:

  • Practice good cleaning and maintenance
  • Prevent mold and moisture
  • Minimize chemical and environmental contaminant risk
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • Prevent pests and diminish pesticide use

You can ensure a standard level of cleanliness for your school facility by entrusting the school cleaning job to a professional cleaning provider.

Keep Your Students & Staff Healthy

A clean school environment straightaway impacts the health of your students and staff. While a clean school aids in enhancing indoor environmental quality (IEQ), it minimizes the spread of contagious illness and allergies.

Also, each member of the school community should contribute to ensure their school’s health by encouraging:

  • An extensive cleaning program which also includes infection control.
  • Routine cleaning, sanitizing and targeted disinfection schedule for the whole school environment.
  • Utilizing products, equipment, and methods that protect human and environmental health.

Educator’s Role in School cleaning

Parents, staff and students desire a school environment to be clean and welcoming. Everyone realizes the value of healthy, germ-free surroundings. Normally, learning and development is always the main focus in any educational facility. It’s your duty, as a facility manager, to regularly fulfill critical cleaning standards for your school and ensure the following:

  • A sound school cleaning and maintenance program involving expert cleaning techniques to cover each and every part of the school facility including the foundation, exterior and interior walls, windows and doors, and roofing.
  • Involve teachers, administrators, and custodians in formulating and implementing the cleaning and maintenance plan.
  • Consult and comply with the environmental health policies and emergency management rules prevalent in your state when performing cleaning and maintenance work.
  • Practice EPA’s green cleaning and effective maintenance plan for your school.
  • Provide awareness and training to faculties and custodial staff on cleaning practices, policies, and methods for handling a chemical spill.
  • Inspect the school’s cleaning and maintenance practices regularly to verify the appropriate measures are routinely taken.
  • Schedule periodical reviews of school facilities in collaboration with concerned professionals and maintain accurate records.

Distraction Free Area

A school’s cleanliness not only impacts the students physically but mentally as well. This fact has been emphasized in research conducted by the APPA’s Center for Facilities Research(CFaR) The subject of this research was the correlation between cleanliness and learning. Several students were examined on their opinions about cleanliness and their ability to learn and concentrate, particularly associated with positive learning environment. The study observed:

  • 88% of students got inattentive when areas were permitted to show a “casual inattention” to cleanliness.
  • 84% said that they desired at least “ordinary cleanliness” or “orderly spotlessness” for a positive learning environment.

The study establishes the significance of a clean school and the way an untidy or dingy school may result in hampering students who are trying to learn. Cleanliness was among the top four factors associated with the surroundings that can lead to distraction from positive learning for students.

Thus, the key to a healthy school is an extensive cleaning program which should include a cleaning plan with measurable goals to cover the entire school environment. This can easily be achieved by hiring a good school cleaning services provider.

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