5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Daycare Cleaning

You are already aware that in comparison to their adult counterparts, young children fall in a higher risk category for toxin and germ exposures. Illnesses like the common cold, the flu, and diarrhea are just some of the health ailments commonly prevalent in a daycare facility. Bearing this in mind, as a manager at daycare facility, you must ensure good health and proper development of children by maintaining proper level of cleanliness and safety of your daycare environment.

Why Hire a Cleaning Service for Your Daycare Facility?

You should acknowledge the fact that the cleaning needs for a daycare are distinct than many other kinds of businesses. Cleaning can be grueling, challenging and time consuming, that’s why you require a professional cleaning provider for maintaining the cleanliness of your child care facility. Professional cleaners are experts in ensuring the safety of the children and workers in your daycare center.

Hiring a professional cleaning provider helps you deal with regular cleanliness of your daycare facility in the following ways:

  1. Secures Your Client’s Health
  2. Hiring a professional cleaning services trained in meeting your daycare cleaning requirements will enhance the health of your visitors as well as the people spending their whole day in your daycare center.

  3. Uses Environment-Friendly Materials
  4. Your cleaning service provider will clean your daycare center using EPA approved chemicals and cleaning practices. These chemicals categorized as environmentally-friendly along with some other sustainable cleaning systems are being utilized by all major cleaning companies committed to an eco- friendly environment.

  5. Emphasizes on Specific Cleaning Needs
  6. The floor is the main culprit, particularly for young children and daycare staff that perform routine activities at floor level. Hire a cleaning service provider especially trained to realize and sanitize the germ’s hot spots in children’s play areas in order to control the spread of infections in a daycare environment.

  7. Provides Skillful & Trained Staff
  8. Good professional cleaning companies maintain their cleaning standards, since they are equipped with a trained staff whose work quality is regularly evaluated. The cleaning staff is completely managed by the cleaning company while you are free to attend to your important tasks without needing to supervise them.

  9. Renders Cost Effective Cleaning
  10. Professional cleaning services can customize their services to fit your budget. You can modify a cleaning routine to suit your daycare cleaning needs. These cleaning services are instrumental in saving your money on related expenses like maintenance, employment, equipment and so on.

Having a professional cleaning service provider for your daycare facility will relieve a major burden off your shoulders, and enables you to meet the overall business requirements of your daycare center in a better way.

Focused Office Cleaning and Janitorial offers comprehensive cleaning services in the Greater Anaheim area. We serve to almost all kinds of business facilities such as office buildings, multiplex building, hospitals, schools, churches, and provide flexible cleaning schedules with reasonable rates.
Medical Facility Cleaning

4 Key Benefits of Hiring a Medical Facility Cleaning Service

A medical facility is a space that essentially needs to be kept impeccably clean for the general well-being of the population. During treatment processes, medical facilities must handle contagious diseases on a daily basis. Also, many people procure infections after visiting a medical facility. But it’s possible to preclude several of these illnesses by hiring professional cleaning services. Hiring the appropriate and professional medical facility cleaning service provider can help to increment your return on investment and add to your patient’s satisfaction.

Here are some key benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service provider for medical clinics.

  1. Efficient Medical Facility Cleaning
  2. Professional medical cleaning services are intended to secure the cleanliness and sanitation of your hospital or any medical facility. You must also make sure that the level of service, delivered by the medical cleaning company, provides you a good chance to score better on HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems).

  3. Helps in Building Patient Trust
  4. The visual appearance of your medical facility can influence the patients and their families’ perception of your overall expertise and professionalism. While medical facility cleaning is a critical element of both preventing future infection and disease, it builds trust with the patient and family towards your healthcare facilities.

  5. Improves Your HCAHPS Scores
  6. HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) is a primary tool to collect feedback from patients about their overall hospital experience. The main aim of procuring such data is to allow prospective patients and their families to evaluate various health care facilities while planning and selecting their medical care. The HCAHPS survey inquires outgoing patients about ten fundamental areas of treatment, service and stay. These HCAHPS questions do not actually pertain to the total upkeep of your medical facility, but the following do:

    • How frequently were patients’ rooms and bathrooms kept clean?
    • How does the patient rate the hospital?
    • Would patients recommend the hospital to friends and family?

    If the patients felt that your facility was less than clean, they might definitely give you low rating on all of those three parameters.

  7. HCAHPS Scores Impact Your Business
  8. Patients and their families will evaluate their specific care on the basis of their influence of the overall condition of your medical facility. Your medical cleaning service can have a positive impact on your HCAHPS scores. It has been reported that the hospitals with the highest scores on the HCAHPS are also the most profitable. Therefore, a clean medical facility has innumerable advantages from patient perception, employee satisfaction to business profitability.

So, choosing the correct cleaning service provider is the key to ensuring that your cleaning yields satisfactory score. Professional cleaning providers like Focused Office Cleaning and Janitorial, are effectively equipped and skilled to deal with the complete cleaning requirements of your medical facility.

Focused Office Cleaning and Janitorial offers comprehensive cleaning services in the Greater Anaheim area. We serve to almost all kinds of business facilities such as office buildings, multiplex building, hospitals, schools, churches, and provide flexible cleaning schedules with reasonable rates.