Comprehensive Cleaning

Focused Office Cleaning and Janitorial offers comprehensive cleaning services to businesses in the Greater Anaheim area. Our janitors are all trained to render all the cleaning needs of your office or business.

We also offer our customizable cleaning service, which lets you get the cleaning you desire. Here are some of the janitorial services we offer:

  • Floor Cleaning
    Nothing stands out like a well-polished floor. Our janitors use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that will definitely bring out the shine of your floors. Our janitors can handle any kind of floors including carpeting, vinyl, hardwood, and other surfaces.
  • Surface Cleaning
    Some parts of the office are rarely used. When that happens, dust and dirt may accumulate. Our trained staff can address any issue and clean all your office surfaces (even windows).
  • Restroom Cleaning
    Your restrooms are one of the most visible areas that your customers and employees see. When not cleaned properly, it they become unsightly and may even cause a health hazard. This is why Focused Office Cleaning and Janitorial makes sure your restrooms sparkle and supplies are fully stocked.
  • Trash Removal
    The longer you operate, the more trash accumulates. Garbage disposal is often messy and can have odors (especially from any kitchen or eating area). We will take out the trash and keep your office totally clean, and odor free!
  • Kitchen Cleaning
    Your kitchen or eating area may be the most used part of your office. When people eat or use your kitchen, there is often spillage and stains. We will handle all the cleaning for you! Our janitors are all trained to clean and sanitize kitchens. This helps maintain the health of every person using the area!